On Tuesday, October 25, a handful of experts and MVP’s participated in an Enterprise Collaboration Q&A at the IT/Dev Connections conference in San Francisco, CA.

Among those experts was Thomas Verwer, Cloud Infrastructure Lead at Rapid Circle. Experts such as Jaap Wesselius, Andy Malone and Theresa Miller were also present.

During the session, experts were asked about the challenges in terms of Enterprise Collaboration for the upcoming year.

Compliancy, security, (cloud)identity and adoption of new services such as Teams and Groups were the main focus.

The experts emphasized that much of the cold feet and fear to transition to the Cloud, are unfounded. For every risk there is a mitigation measure and for extreme scenarios where extra functionalities are needed, very mature third party tools are available that make the total solution very mature. The Microsoft Cloud offers a very strong proposition for companies that want to take collaboration to the next level.

To name one of the challenges, companies that have already transitioned to Office 365 have made a head start in the preparation for the GDPR that will be introduced in 2018.

Thomas Verwer speaks during the Ask The Experts Session

Thomas Verwer speaks during the Ask The Experts Session

Andy Malone emphasizes the enormous power that results from the continuous development of all collaboration tools within the platform. Not to forget the importance of considered Governance that comes with the introduction of those techniques. For this reason it is very important to think carefully about who can create Groups within an organization.

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