The new way of working? The new way of studying!

The future is in education. Today’s students will be our colleagues tomorrow. That is why at Rapid Circle we like to work together with educational institutions on a regular basis. We think about how to improve education, we support interns and we help students with practical assignments. Students help us with a fresh perspective, a lot of effort, and they keep us young.

International studying

Over the past few months we have helped the International students of Inholland Communication with one of their practical assignments. Or actually, it’s the other way around. They have helped us with sharing their creativity and knowledge.

Inholland was looking for cases for the International students of Inholland Communication to use in order to build a prototype, in any shape or form. This could be a campaign, video or project plan for example. According to modern day standards, the project was executed by using the Scrum method.


We started our session with a pitch about who we are, what we want to achieve and what our strengths are. After this, the students got started on the prototype. On 16 December all the built prototypes were pitched back to us in 15 minutes per group. The video below shows one example of how students envision their ideal student portal.

One of the biggest bonuses of this project is that the group of students is quite international, which means that they have worked on this assignment in different places around the world. Some groups have only seen our pitch and presentation on a screen, considering a lot of students are spread across Europe (and beyond). Therefore, many of the students have presented their prototype on big screen, and thus being able to pitch their idea from the country they were in at that moment.


In the picture above, one of the groups is presenting via Skype for Business, with the members of the group joining the call from Bulgaria, Rotterdam and The Hague. All this while they were giving us a live presentation together. We were watching all the pitches in Diemen, together with the teacher from Inholland. And it worked remarkably well! The students were very excited about the technique and the possibilities. We were very excited about the input of the students. Especially considering the fact that this has been made possible by a team based in different locations, and sometimes even in different time zones.

A few years ago, ‘The New Way of Working’ held great promise, and was implemented in a lot of companies. Seeing these students work, I think that ‘The New Way of Studying’ has already been widely accepted by students. Once they become our colleagues, ‘The New Way of Working’ will probably be ‘Just Working’ for these students, who are accustomed to this way of working already. Companies will have to take this into account if they want to remain attractive to this generation as an employer. For this it is important to not only offer the right technologies, but also the right culture.

Because of possibilities of Microsoft’s technology, at Rapid Circle we are already used to working together while being far away from each other. We regularly meet our colleagues online, who are spread across the Netherlands, India and Australia. We work together in teams, regardless of the time difference. And furthermore, because of the time differences, we are able to do work through the night for a customer in a different time zone, which means we can launch projects quickly.

Working at a distance from each other works well for us at Rapid Circle. I am happy to see that students also enjoy working like this. They are the future, and the only thing we have to do connect with them is to provide possibilities. Both regarding technique and culture.

Soon students will pitch the next version of their products to us. I will write a new blog about this. So keep watching us if you want to learn more!

Two awards for ASML’s digital workplace

The digital workplace of ASML won two international awards in the Collaborative Enterprise Cup. The award ‘Best Integration of Collaboration & Communication’ and a special jury award are assigned to MyASML, a portal that’s co-developed and designed by Rapid Circle. Paul Leemans, Sr. Manager Collaboration at ASML: “We are very proud that we won those two awards, and especially the special jury award. We think that communication and collaboration at a digital workplace must support each other. The jury found that this is one of the key things of our intranet, together with the personal experience on the homepage. With all of the complex technical solutions in the backend, all hidden for the end users. Their experience is a simple page that is personally relevant to them and their work and is easy to adapt to their wishes. I want to thank Rapid Circle for their expertise and development that makes this is possible.”

At Rapid Circle we are also very proud of this award. The awards are assigned to the ASML portal for assumptions that we think are very important; creating personal relevant, simple and user friendly digital workplaces and intranets. Who wants, after all, an intranet where you can only find something? If you’re lucky? If your intranet can help you with your work today, it’s an attractive place to start your day and consult it daily. The jury of the Collaborative Enterprise Cup is that exactly what MyASML is! We are also very proud that Attini, our solution for personal news, and our app catalogue have contributed to winning this award.

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