The 9 secrets of facilitating internal news efficiently

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Are you having trouble making everybody in your organisation read the internal news? Thats understandable! Did you know that on average only 32% of the recipients opens a digital newsletter? A large group in your organisation won't be reached. They do not see added value in reading the news letter. But why don't they?   

In order to help you reach the other 68% of the organisation with your internal news, we want to share our nine best tips with you in order to increase the reach and relevance of your newsletter. Things to consider are for instance:

  • Making it more personal
  • Making it more accessible
  • Making it easier

With the right tool it is quite simple to adhere to all the conditions. Do you want to increase the relevance and the reach of your internal news? Download the article 'The 9 secrets of facilitating internal news efficiently' without charge by filling out the form below.

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