Arkin is an institution for mental health care in Amsterdam and they treat people with psychiatric disorders and complex psychiatric and addiction problems. Arkin is one of the biggest organizations in the Netherlands in the field of mental health care. It is a covering foundation that has ten brands: Jellinek, PuntP, Novarum, NPI, Mentrum, Roads, Inforsa, Sinai, Arkin BasisGGz and the Spoedeisende Psychiatrie Amsterdam.


Arkin is a big provider of mental health care in Amsterdam, with about 3,500 driven professionals who work with a passion for their work. Up till now, the practitioners only had a limited insight in their own personal performances. Also, they had to do more administrative tasks, such as register treatments, mandatory reporting and keep up the time of their activities. It was very difficult to keep a good overview on all the tasks that needed to be handled. Because Arkin did not see processing and modelling data as a core task for the practitioners, there had to come a time-saving and personalized solution for this.


Arkin asked Rapid Circle to help with a BI (Business Intelligence) solution to visualize existing data. In other words: a tool to deliver simple reports. To preserve an overview, functionalities should not be unlocked too much, for the practitioners.

Based on this assignment, Rapid Circle created Charts365. This is a BI solution, based on a SharePoint online setting, which visualizes data through graphics, pie charts, bar charts, etc. These data is provided by the already present extensive BI solution that transforms the existing data. The solution is created in and will be host on Windows Azure and it will be opened in a personal portal, based on SharePoint online.

More extensive BI solutions demand end users, in this case practitioners, to model data themselves. Arkin wants to prevent this. Instead, Arkin wants a manageable way of taking care of data. This is possible with Charts 365.


The benefits of Charts365 are that practitioners always and everywhere have a nice and clear visualized overview to the latest information that is important for their activities.

Practitioners of Arkin can see, in one glance, what their productivity and effectivity is, and if they need any improvement. It is also clear which administrative tasks they still need to do. This solution works well for the individual practitioner and will soon also be available on team level.

The result of the work of Rapid Circle at Arkin is that the current BI department is relieved and that there is more control on the distribution of data. By making performances insightful, Charts365 also provides a productivity improvement.