ABOUT Knowledge Network

The UK based Knowledge Network (TKN) provides organisations with all the smart tools and expert assistance they need to ensure that students learn and achieve. They have over 20 years of experience working with school and education organisations.


TKN wanted an app in which teachers could create assignments with external links and embedded videos, and then assign it to students in a teacher’s class. The relevant data was already in a ‘SIMS database’, the most used information system for UK Schools. They wanted to create pathways: a tree like structure of topics and assignments, for a complete term, to be assigned to students. Teachers could create assignments, topics and pathways separately and then manage the hierarchy. Afterwards students should be able to work on their tasks, submit their responses and could be graded by teachers.


We build KiPathways, a learning management app, to help teachers and students to work on assignments in a more effective way. Teachers can create learning pathways for students according to their capabilities or grades, and can assign the pathways to multiple students. Students can work on assignments in the app and submit their responses. Teachers can later assess and grade. Its is also possible to have a private teacher-student communication line. Teachers are also provided with box plots which depict activity on an assignments so that they can improve it.



We build this bundle of quality apps according to schedule and launched them before the beginning of the new school year. The app is also available on the iPad. The apps are used by hundreds of teachers and students on a daily basis and will be installed at more schools across the UK. We helped them realise their vision of improving the productivity of teachers, students and parents with the use of Office 365 technologies.

KiPathways and KiHR apps developed by us are featured on Microsoft Office365 educational solutions page