The ROC of Amsterdam (ROCvA) takes care of vocational education (in Dutch: mbo), secondary education (in Dutch: vo) and education for adults. Also a primary school is a part of the organization. ROCvA has branches in Amsterdam, Hoofddorp, Hilversum and Amstelveen.

The organization is designed in different, relative independent MBO-Colleges and schools for secondary education. The mbo-studies are delivered by seven different MBO-Colleges, each with their own identity. In total the ROCvA has more than 30,000 students and almost 3,000 employees.


There was already an online portal for students and employees at the ROC of Amsterdam. This portal was working well, but nevertheless a need arose for a platform where working together and sharing knowledge would be more central. There was also a need for extra functionalities. For example, they wanted to have documents accessible in the cloud instead of available on local servers.

To realize these needs, an optimization of the former portal was needed. A redesign-route had to be launched. The possibility to create collaborationsites on the means of a site generation wizard formed a basic element. Furthermore, they wanted to increase the satisfaction of the students with the studentportal, the Portal for Talent. An important step was to improve the information services for the student. For example: a more direct and quicker presentation of important data, such as timetables and grades.


Rapid Circle supported the projectmanagement and decisions around the architecture of the new Office 365 platform, the Portal for Talent, regarding their needs. The aim was twofolded: creating a future proof employee platform and creating a basis for a studentportal.


With the social and digital workplace, employees are able to do their work better. People are more involved, have more information, like protocols, at hand, can tune in quicker, can assign work everywhere and always and they have access to other applications, via Office 365.