ABOUT SA Ambulance

SA Ambulance Service provides emergency medical assistance to the people of South Australia. Their mission is to save lives, reduce suffering and enhance quality of life, through the provision of accessible and responsive quality patient care and transport.

With 111 ambulance stations across the state, SA Ambulance Service answers a new emergency call from Australians every 10 seconds.


Although almost all their staff are mobile, SA Ambulance Service relied heavily on email and fax technology to communicate among and between their teams. They recognized an opportunity to streamline their communication and raise their responsiveness in the field even further.

Their intranet was used to store and share critical information, but the search functionality was problematic and staff were spending too much time trying to find what they needed. Mobile access to the intranet was limited and the leadership team was looking for better ways to share new information in real time.


Rapid Circle helped SA Ambulance Service build a new intranet from the ground up, using Office 365 cloud technology. With a strong focus on search capability and team communication, it minimizes reliance on emails and faxes and uses dynamic “news” feeds to share timely, situational information.

The SAASNet mobile application, built in conjunction with the new intranet, pulls the most mission-critical information down to the emergency teams’ mobile devices while they’re on the job.

Similarly, SA Ambulance Service’s volunteers--making up over 50% of their staff--have the ability to access the system using their own sets of credentials.



SA Ambulance Service’s new Intranet and its associated mobile app have produced tangible gains in their internal efficiency and capability in the field. Communication processes that were manual and labor-intensive--like faxes and emails--have become automated, with critical information flowing from its source on the intranet to the staff in the office and the teams in the field.

Knowledge management processes built into the system ensure a patient’s treatment path is already up-to-date before the ambulance crew arrives, so their treatment is as efficient as it can possibly be.

The SAASNet mobile app means emergency crews are no longer reliant on the equipment in their vehicles to access crucial data, freeing them up to spend more time at their patient’s side and report their condition in real time. 

What SA Ambulance Service achieved with their project is simple and dramatic: even faster, better emergency care for the people of South Australia.