Rapid circle in expertpanel during IT/DEV connections in San Francisco

On Tuesday, October 25, a handful of experts and MVP’s participated in an Enterprise Collaboration Q&A at the IT/Dev Connections conference in San Francisco, CA.

Among those experts was Thomas Verwer, Cloud Infrastructure Lead at Rapid Circle. Experts such as Jaap Wesselius, Andy Malone and Theresa Miller were also present.

During the session, experts were asked about the challenges in terms of Enterprise Collaboration for the upcoming year.

Compliancy, security, (cloud)identity and adoption of new services such as Teams and Groups were the main focus.

The experts emphasized that much of the cold feet and fear to transition to the Cloud, are unfounded. For every risk there is a mitigation measure and for extreme scenarios where extra functionalities are needed, very mature third party tools are available that make the total solution very mature. The Microsoft Cloud offers a very strong proposition for companies that want to take collaboration to the next level.

To name one of the challenges, companies that have already transitioned to Office 365 have made a head start in the preparation for the GDPR that will be introduced in 2018.

Thomas Verwer during the Ask The Experts Session

Thomas Verwer during the Ask The Experts Session

Andy Malone emphasizes the enormous power that results from the continuous development of all collaboration tools within the platform. Not to forget the importance of considered Governance that comes with the introduction of those techniques. For this reason it is very important to think carefully about who can create Groups within an organization.

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LUMC chooses Rapid Circle as Office 365 implementing and executing partner

LUMC establishes a leadership position among Academic Medical Centers in the Netherlands by fully shifting to Microsoft Cloud

The Leids Academic Medical Center (LUMC) has chosen Rapid Circle to be its implementation partner for Office 365. This makes LUMC one of the first hospitals in the Netherlands to fully shift to Office 365. Office 365 will play a central role within the digital workplace for all its employees that will, among others, optimally work within the LUMC’s VDI environment.


LUMC has chosen Rapid Circle based on their experience with Office 365, successfully proven approach, vision on successful client usage and its solutions. On top of this, it was important for LUMC that Rapid Circle’s ‘best practices’ can be used for the implementation in general and within LUMC’s VDI workplace concept.


Rob de Weerd, Manager ICT Operations at LUMC: ‘For us, it was important that the partner could not only deliver a solid design but had also been through different pitfalls. It’s also very important when they know how to make working together a pleasant experience. We see in Rapid Circle a partner that helps us proactively with making a success out of all our planned steps in the field of Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud. Rapid Circle has proven that they understand what healthcare entails and that they prefer working in small pragmatic steps, with a sharp focus on the future’.


Wilco Turnhout, cofounder Rapid Circle: ‘LUMC has a progressive vision on ICT with professional pragmatism. They enjoy being an example to other hospitals in terms of setting up solid state-of-the-art solutions and platforms that truly help employees do their work in a better way. I’m proud that we were chosen to form a team together to work on the implementation of the Microsoft Cloud.’


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Bringing a DTAP discipline to Office 365 solutions

The DTAP (Development/Test/Acceptance/Production) model has long been the “Gold Standard” when it comes to the management of software releases within the Enterprise. Incorporated into your broader Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy, it provides a way to ensure the ongoing stability and reliability of your production systems.

As SharePoint developers, we’ve always worked to ensure that we incorporate as much of the model as possible, but it’s not been easy. If anything, the shift toward a solution development approach that blurs the distinction between content and code has made it harder.

More and more, SharePoint is a place where people in the business build their own solutions. Either via the adoption of workflows, or by performing small scale customisations using scripts they package in content web parts, or develop within hours or days, with a javascript developer.

Despite the small scale of these solutions, their importance to the business can be significant, with key processes reliant on their ongoing stability and reliability.

What can SharePoint customers, who have vital solutions built using javascript and standard SharePoint components do to ensure bugs don’t make their way into production systems? It would be great if the answer was as simple as “Implement a DTAP model”.

Which is why Rapid Circle built LeapALM.

LeapALM is a cloud service (SaaS) that brings a best in class ALM model to Office 365 (O365) solutions. It allows you to develop your solutions within a dedicated Development Tenant, or development Site Collection, and then quickly and easily select and copy assets to an Acceptance Tenant or Site Collection.

It supports the deployment of Workflows, Lists and Libraries, Content Types and Pages. It can intelligently work out what to deploy, handing the initial deployment, and any subsequent updates, in the process keeping a detailed audit log.

You can register a group of users who can be responsible for performing deployments, enabling them to move new releases through the landscape, without needing to give them explicit access. For example, allow them to deploy the solution to production, without giving them direct access to the production system.

LeapALM is currently in pilot, launching in January 2018. If you’d like to try it out sign up on http://www.leapalm.com

Rapid Circle wins again at Worldwide Microsoft Award Ceremony 2017

For the fourth time in a row Rapid Circle has been awarded during the Microsoft ‘Global Partner of the Year’ awards. This time in the category ‘Content and Collaboration’.


 The Microsoft Awards are introduced to acknowledge Microsoft partners who make the difference with customers, using Microsoft technology. Rapid Circle has been chosen from over 2800 nominations from 115 different countries. Rapid Circle owes its acknowledgement on the unique approach for the adoption of Office 365 and Digital Workplace based on the tool Pulse, that makes desired behavior and the effectiveness of adoption and training measurable. As a ‘Finalist’, Rapid Circle is once again one of the 4 partners worldwide for Content & Collaboration.

The essence of our adoption approach is that we don’t focus on the use of a tool itself, but rather on indicating that specific behavior, supported by the Microsoft platform, supports objectives of the organization. In essence, we measure desired behavior. For example, when we train people to use OneNote during meetings, to make notes, we measure how many people during a meeting (this can be found in Outlook) use OneNote. There are many measuring points, from behavior during meetings, time spent reading emails to the level of cross-department collaboration. To know more about our Organizational Pulse tool, click here.

Rapid Circle wins award based on a model and tool to make the success of adoption demonstrable and to make the value measurable.
— Microsoft

Harold Punter, CEO of Rapid Circle: “This acknowledgement means a lot to us, because it emphasizes the direction we’re going in is the right one. We are a Microsoft partner who wants to support our customers in getting the most out of the Microsoft cloud platform.  Much of it usually remains unused which is a shame. We provide a broader use of the products, but always with a purpose, in terms of productivity and collaboration of the employer.”

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Rapid Circle member Worldwide Microsoft Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

Microsoft has confirmed Rapid Circle’s membership in the exclusive Partner Advisory Council (PAC) program. The PAC is an invitation-only membership and consists of the most select group of partners sharing their customer projects experiences with Microsoft management. Microsoft uses this feedback for their product development strategy, especially with respect to new product releases. 

Rapid Circle is active in the Public Sector group at corporate level giving Rapid Circle a seat at the table to contribute to Microsoft’s Public Sector Strategy. This program allows partners to receive information at an early stage, about the roadmap, products and go-to marketing strategies of Microsoft. Rapid Circle benefits from the latest Microsoft development strategies, which can then be implemented at an early stage in customer projects. In addition it allows Rapid Circle to give its customers the chance to be a part of the Rapid Deployment Program. By participating in the PAC, Rapid Circle strengthens her position as a top ten Worldwide Microsoft Cloud Partner of Microsoft worldwide.

We are very pleased to be selected as one of the 16 partners worldwide for this council. There are only a few councils, which means we are part of a very select group that shares practical experience with the management of Microsoft Corp. This information and feedback is being used by Microsoft for, among other things, improvements in new product releases and for their partner strategy.
— Wilco Turnhout - CCO Rapid Circle

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